Diabetes Education

Changing your daily habits isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a bit of a chore. We’re here to help. If you’re at risk or recently diagnosed, our diabetes educator will work with you to come up with a plan to help you successfully manage your diabetes. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to modify behavior so you can have a better quality of life and avoid many of the complications associated with the disease. It’s an ongoing process, and we’re here to see you through it.

Diabetes education focuses on seven areas to help you live better:

  • Healthy eating
  • Being active
  • Monitoring
  • Taking medication
  • Problem solving
  • Healthy coping
  • Reducing risks


Pre-diabetes is diagnosed if your fasting blood sugar (no food for 8 hours) is 100-125 mg/dL or your random blood sugar is 140-199 mg/dL (2 hours or longer since last food).

We offer a pre-diabetes class once a month. Medicare does not pay for a patient with a diagnosis of pre-diabetes to see a certified diabetes educator or a registered dietitian. Some commercial insurance carriers do pay for these visits, but each individual should check with their insurance carrier regarding their coverage.


Diabetes is diagnosed if you are tested twice with either a fasting blood sugar of 126 mg/dL and above or a random blood sugar of 200 mg/dL and above.

Studies show that patients with diabetes who see an educator yearly have better outcomes. Medicare pays for 10 hours of diabetes education in the first 12 months after diagnosis and 4 hours every year afterward. Most commercial plans have similar coverage, but be sure to check with your carrier.

Meet our Diabetes Education provider:

Tami Gregg MS, RD, CDE, CD