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June 22, 2015 | Patient Stories

What It’s Like to Have a Midwife

Having your first baby is the start of a life-changing journey. It’s an exciting and scary time filled with lots of changes and lots of questions. For Emily Labadie, one thing was certain, she knew she wanted to have a midwife by her side.

The 32-year-old from River Falls is a Recreational Therapist at Hudson Hospital and works with a variety of people in various health, wellness and fitness aspects. When she and her husband Brad discovered they were pregnant, they began their search for a midwife. Midwives provide full-service, holistic pregnancy care all the way through delivery and after. For Emily, she always felt a connection with the midwifery philosophy of incorporating the entire human body into the experience and allowing it to work the way it was intended.

Choosing a midwife is like choosing a doctor–it’s important to feel comfortable and build a trusted relationship. For Emily, she was also looking for flexibility to make appointments during the times that worked best for her. She met with two Certified Nurse Midwives, Ann Crump and Elizabeth Radford, both from Hudson Physicians. With the newly opened Women’s Health area at Hudson Physicians, Emily felt even more connected because of the emphasis they put on women’s needs and preferences.

Emily built a relationship with both Elizabeth and Ann and chose Elizabeth as her main care provider. She felt reassured knowing Elizabeth would be with her through the entire journey, from prenatal care to labor to delivery and beyond.

Emily had a great pregnancy overall. She remained physically active throughout the nine months. She was so happy she had decided to take the prenatal yoga classes offered at Hudson Hospital. They really helped her relax and gave her tools for labor and delivery.

Hudson Physicians offers a variety of labor and delivery options. Emily chose to have a water birth because of its many benefits: the warm water induces a deeper state of relaxation and comfort, the buoyancy lessens the weight of the body, and the water gently massages the body to improve blood circulation and help ease the pain of contractions and reduce stress hormones.


Emily felt so lucky to have both of the midwives there during her water birth: Ann with her calm reassurance, and Elizabeth with her high energy and spirit. Emily’s husband was able to participate in the delivery as well. He got into the pool with her and provided gentle massage with essential oil to help her get through her many hours of labor.

Emily felt very much in control and empowered by her support team. When it finally came time to push, she remembers having an energy surge, and she assumed a squatting position in the pool. After a fairly short period of pushing, their baby came swimming into the world! With a full head of hair, Brad announced, “It’s a girl!”

Brad cut the cord, and mother and baby were given a clean bill of health. The new family of three then enjoyed several hours together, snuggling in low light and soft music while getting to know each other.

Emily Labadie couldn’t have asked for a better, more empowering labor and delivery experience than what she had at Hudson Physicians and Hudson Hospital. The midwives continued to check in on both mom and baby Stella throughout their two-night stay at the hospital. Emily said, “The nurses are great and it was nice ordering food off the menu!” She also really enjoyed soaking in the whirlpool tub and using the healing lavender bath salts provided.

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The new family of three is at home and enjoying all the newness a baby brings. For Stella’s follow-up care, Emily and Brad chose pediatrician Dr. Delahunty at Hudson Physicians. When it’s time for baby #2, Emily said there is no doubt she’ll be returning to the midwives at Hudson Physicians.