As we age, our health care needs change. New pains and problems arise due to the natural aging process. The geriatric providers at Hudson Physicians deliver innovative and compassionate long-term care for older adults. We help our patients and their families develop a plan for their medical care that is consistent with their personal goals and life circumstances.

We serve as advocates for each of our patients. We focus on health problems that frequently affect older adults such as pain, injuries, memory loss, incontinence, and medication side effects. We are constantly evaluating how disease affects the daily function of our patients. Our goal is to educate and advocate in order to maximize quality of life.

Family support is a key factor in creating a health plan and achieving the goals set out. Through education and information, we work with both the patient and their family members to determine the best care plan to promote function and improve quality of life.

In situations in which home care is needed, we help each patient and their family determine the best option, whether it’s through hospice, assisted living facilities or skilled nursing facilities.

Our geriatric medicine providers are passionate about giving older adults the care they need and deserve. They are board-certified, specializing in family medicine and internal medicine, and have received additional training and certification in geriatric medicine.

Meet our Geriatric provider: